Hiking Day at Mt. Takao

life to reset

Long weekend here  means that everyone is looking forward for a break outside the city- go somewhere nice and enjoy the start of autumn climate and bid adieu to summer heat. Never mind that you need to wake up a bit early or you know that it will be tiring day, the prospect of leisure travel is way better than spending another 10 hours in the office.

Long weekend is an additional day to the usual 2 days, meaning you can only go to considerable far places reachable by local JR but not to those destinations requiring airplanes/shinkansen or else you will loose the chance to maximize the extra day. It means that I will be confine to a certain kilometer radius outside of Tokyo. As if we are all on the same wavelengths of thinking, together with hundreds of Japanese longing for a getaway, we have all decided that…

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J'aimais la littérature. Aujourd'hui je laisse sur la toile des petits bouts de ci, des petits bouts de ça. Je reste sur les traces des auteurs passés, et je trace mes propres méridiens. Pas sûre quand même qu'ils soient assez longs pour vous y perdre.
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