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It’s all about the story and has been since we sat around fires in caves. When we started with print, way before Gutenberg, it became possible to share stories without needing the storyteller themselves. In many ways it enhanced the stories because we could add our own experiences to them.

This is a major part of what branding is about today. It’s not so much about what the marketer wants to share with us, as how we take their message and build our own story around it. What the marketer delivers can have a very positive influence.

When we study NLP or learning techniques, we understand that people have primary senses that they invoke in priority over others. They include tactile, auditory and visual. The more senses you can invoke, the more enriching the experience. When publishers produce books for children, they always include pictures.

Many young childrens’ books…

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J'aimais la littérature. Aujourd'hui je laisse sur la toile des petits bouts de ci, des petits bouts de ça. Je reste sur les traces des auteurs passés, et je trace mes propres méridiens. Pas sûre quand même qu'ils soient assez longs pour vous y perdre.
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