# FINE ARTS /// Material Encounters and Wall Crossing: The Materialistic Bodies of Gutai Artists

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The Funambulist

Gutai Guggenheim 2013Passing Through by Saburo Murakami (1956) /// Photo by Léopold Lambert

A few days ago, I visited the exhibition Gutai: Splendid Playgroundat New York Guggenheim Museum. That gave me the opportunity to get to know an artistic movement I was not familiar with beforehand. Although I was not necessarily fascinated by all the artwork presented (the two reasons being that it is somehow odd to put in an institutionalized museum a movement that was frankly against the idea of institutionalization of art, and that rather than showing the artwork itself, we would have gained from having access to the creative process itself as it is the real artistic production of Gutai), some of them compelled me for their relation of the body to the matter.

First of all, let us look at the very name of Gutai in its original Japanese writing: 具体 (as currently learning how to write…

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J'aimais la littérature. Aujourd'hui je laisse sur la toile des petits bouts de ci, des petits bouts de ça. Je reste sur les traces des auteurs passés, et je trace mes propres méridiens. Pas sûre quand même qu'ils soient assez longs pour vous y perdre.
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