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Dédentez-vous, détendez-vous, tous les clowns ne font pas peur…

Les deux spirales – Masato Matsuura


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Add some spice to your morning routine with wasabi toothpaste

Featured Image -- 1605

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wasabi toothpaste

It looks like wasabi, feels like wasabi, and tastes like wasabi, but this small green tube is actually filled with toothpaste. Wasabi flavored toothpaste. Yes, the popular Japanese condiment that accompanies sushi can now be enjoyed while brushing your teeth – as long as you don’t mind a few extra tears in the morning.

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11 predictions Japanese people made hundreds of years ago about the future

Featured Image -- 1596

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FP 1

For a large chunk of Japan’s history, there wasn’t much time to think about the future. Instead, most people’s days were filled with more immediate concerns, like trying to figure out how to survive the civil wars that were all the rage in the country during most of the 14th, 15th, and 16th centuries.

Things finally settled down in the early 1600s, though, and ordinary Japanese citizens entered into a long period of internal stability. Finally having enough time to muse about things to come, they came up with a list of predictions about Japan’s future, some of which are nowhere near how reality has turned out, and some of which were spot on.

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Paisible automne

Featured Image -- 1589

Artistes a la Bastille

Association d’Artistes plasticiens.Paris


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